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Here are some cool links to visit...

ACS Colorguard

SilkOnline is a great place to get tips on rifle, sabre, and flag tricks and techniques. Has a lot of things just to browse through.

Silk Online

The ACS Patriot Band now has a site of their own. The link to visit is below.

ACS Patriot Band

Drum Corp International is an organization which allows drum corps to compete for World Championships. Drum Corp International started in the 70's. The Cadets, Cavaliers, Blue Devils, Santa Clara Vanguard, Boston Crusaders, and Madison-Scouts are just a few of the many drum corps.

Drum Corp International

Take the Marching Band purity test. It ask basic questions to see how much of a band fanatic you really are and how pure you are to band.

Marching Band Purity Test is a great place for everyone who is in a marching band in Kentucky to get together and chat or just whatever.

The colorguard is not the only part of marching band. The drumline is a huge part. The ACS drumline has been going through a tremendous amount of practice to get to there high level of excellency of today. You can visit their website. Just click below.

ACS Drumline

Winter Guard International is a site that not only shows winterguards from all over the U.S. but they also present many winter-drumlines. Results from contests and news about upcoming events are posted. Photo galleries are also on there.

Winterguard International

Colorguard corner is a place for people who are in colorguard to hangout and just find cool stuff about colorguard.

Colorguard Corner

The circuit that the Axis Winterguard is in, is the SCGC circuit. Here is there site.