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Want to know what we're doing and when? Just read below...

ACS Colorguard

July 2002
Monday 8th: Sabre Practice 4:30-7:00
Tuesday 9th: Flag Practice 4:30-7:00
Thursday 11th: Rifle Practice 4:30-7:00
Saturday: Super Saturday, EVERYONE 2:00-9:00
Monday 15th: Sabre Practice 4:30-7:00
Tuesday 16th: Flag Practice 4:30-7:00
Thursday 18th: Rifle Practice 4:30-7:00
Monday 22nd: Band Camp 8-4 pm
Tuesday 23rd: Band Camp 8-8 pm
Wednesday 24th: Band Camp 8-4 pm
Thursday 25th: Band Camp 8-8 pm
Friday 26th: Band Camp 8-4 pm
Monday 29th: Band Camp 8-4 pm
Tuesday 30th: Band Camp 8-8 pm
Wednesday 31st: Band Camp 8-4 pm

August 2002
Thursday 1st: Band Camp 8-8 pm
Friday 2nd: Band Camp 8-3 pm
      Family Show Preview and Picnic: 6 pm
Practices will be held every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday beginning on August 5th and lasting until the 17th of October.
The only days not scheduled for nightly practices are the following dates:
September 30th - Monday
October 1st - Tuesday
October 3rd - Thursday
        Since we aren't having practices on the above three dates, instead we will have a "mini-camp" type thing on October the 4th which is on a Friday. It will be from 10am-6pm.  Make sure you have this in your schedules!